More Visibility Means More Safety


...and the Reflectivity, Retroreflectivity, Fluorescence, Rainbows & Sparkles Enhance of Safety Spinners

 The petals of the teen/adult Safety Spinner model are made from a very eye-catching, fluorescent yellow film and a “prismatic" film that has a rainbow effect. The smaller fluorescent yellow "circles" in front and back are 3M’s retroreflective film used in traffic signs for super visibilty, especially at night. It’s construction allows it to glow when headlights hit it. This is why they "pop" in the photo to the left and in the Night video on our home page.  


The Child Model

More colorful and fun but a bit less eye-catching than the garish yellow teen/adult model, these Safety Spinners have sparkly green and violet petals, as well as the retroreflective yellow circles. They entertain and make children more visible and safer in strollers, trailers, bikes with child seats, trikes, toy cars, trucks, ride-ons, wagons,  go-karts, frame backpacks etc.


Elders Can Have More Fun and Visibility With Both Models!

Especially in crosswalks and on sidewalks.

Making Safety Spinners Hard to Steal

Hard to Steal


To make it hard for someone to steal a Safety Spinner on a whim, apart from wire-cutting off a stubby Spinner that's hard to reuse without its base, glue it into the barrel of the base in the direction you'd like it to face.  

Very Hard to Steal


 To make it very hard to steal and reuse it, especially on another bike, screw a hose clamp on either side of the barrel. Then apply a little J-B Weld SteelStik, a steel-reinforced epoxy putty also available at hardware stores, to cover the screw slots and more importantly the ends of the screws, connecting them to their housing. See above and right. 

Not Worth the Trouble


 After an hour of hardening the screw to its housing,  the screw is close to impossible to unscrew at either end! But the thief is screwed -- unless they want to take a long time to hacksaw it off or wire-cut it off. In that case, they'll walk off with a 2 inch stubby Spinner, practically speaking too difficult to reuse and not worth reselling.   

Safety Spinner Facts


Our Base

 Made from one molded piece of UV-resistant rubber, we feel our Safety Spinner base, basically a U-clamp, is perhaps the simplest way to attach anything supported by a post to most any gauge tubing or tubular object. 



   And the simplest way to attach Safety Spinners including in a "Flying V"  is with the two white zip ties that come with them.  Our bases can be rotated even further back to lay flatter, if parked close to other bikes as shown on right.



As the saying goes - Some of the best ideas are simple ideas. Our extremely simple base and the fact that it was granted a strong utility patent, # 7278616, is a testament to that. Licensing and/or customization are open to discussion. Infringement though will be prosecuted.


The Helmet

  We would be remiss to not remind folks that helmets are very important for safety. So along with Safety Spinners and maybe even one or two on top on the helmet ... 

Be Seen. Wear Your Helmet. Ride Safe.