About Us


Our Mission: Helping to Make a Better World

  Futur-Tek aims to help make a better world for the sake of our children:

  • By creating unique products that help make a safer, better world 
  • By the socially and environmentally responsible way it conducts business
  • By giving back to the community, i.e. in Year One donating 20% of profits to highly-rated non-profits, in Year Two 30%, in Year Three 50% with a goal of 100% within 7 years
  • Helping to grow global consciousness, justice and pricing that tells the long-term, ecological truth --- all key to the sustainability of our democracy, economy and civilization. 


Starting with the World's 1st Safety Spinners!

 Safety Spinners are not only about safety they're also about fun, health and clean, wind energy-powered to boot! Our Hope: Safety Spinners will encourage more children to bike, especially to school as well as encourage more adults to reduce their car use and instead bike and scooter more, reducing pollution and congestion. 


The Story of the Safety Spinner

While stopped at a light in Silicon Valley, Tom Kahan, the founder of Futur-Tek,  saw a woman with a pinwheel taped to her bike's handlebar. In the few seconds it took to cross the street after the light changed, aka The Proverbial Flash, he realized if pinwheels were especially eye-catching, they'd make cyclists SAFER, and they'd be fun, green and clean wind-powered to boot! He then came up, and was granted U.S. Patent # 7278616 on a simple but universal, rubber attachment device that allows a post to be secured to  most any vehicular-sized tubing. Thus, combined with eye-catching petals and retroreflective circles was born, per Google,   the World's First, One and Only Safety Spinners!